Property and facility management

Our clients are professional developers who are interested in a unique property management company, which is capable to develop complicated projects from scratch and bring them into a state of perfection of all details.
управление и эксплуатация недвижимости
The Department’s team consider strategic plans and tactical objectives of clients and creates the most effective property management program.

Facility management Facility management

We provide a full range of services to support engineering and social infrastructure of a building.
Administrative Services
Maintenance of
engineering systems
Reception services
Organization and carrying out construction-related services
Preparation of documents

Property management Property management

We provide the owner with analysis of the best and the most efficient ways of the building usage. We plan rental income considering vacant space leasing plan
Facility management

Package of services
Facility management

  • Selection of tenants

  • Cost/yield reporting

  • Legal support

  • Cooperation with the banks

Fit out Fit out

Maris undertakes the coordination of organizational and technical issues:
  • Coordination of the project

  • Selection and control of subcontractors

  • Document flow

  • Сoordination
    of organizational
    and technical issues

Consulting Consulting

At the first stage of project development an owner needs to be consulted by a competent property management company about the following issues:

Logistics of the premises


and Press-releases

All news

Since 2011, Maris has been an absolute leader among brokerage companies in terms of contracted office premises in St. Petersburg.