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The production company acquired the PSC "Prombox"

30 January 2023, 17:19
The company of window production has acquired more than 2,600 sqm in the PSC "Prombox". The broker of the transaction was Maris.

Andrey Kuzminich, Senior consultant of  Industrial Department at Maris, comments on the deal: "The team had the task of finding the optimal room for the client with the necessary electrical power and the possibility of installing crane beams with a certain lifting height. Also, one of the important criteria for the transaction was the relatively close location to the existing plant in St. Petersburg. The new facility had to be found promptly due to the increase in production capacity, as a result, we managed to find a suitable production workshop and sign a purchase and sale agreement."

Alexander Solokhin, Head of Prombox Commercial Service, comments on the deal: "The construction of the facility took 9 months. Permission to enter was received in August 2022. To date, 85% of the area has been sold — this is an excellent indicator for the market. There is confidence that most of the areas, speculative projects, can be implemented before receiving permission to enter. The sale of 2,600 sqm has become one of the largest in the implementation of the 1st stage of the Prombox project."

Prombox is a production environment for the placement of modern and progressive production facilities and warehouses in the Leningrad region. The facility at Shushary is a new, modern high-tech production and warehouse complex of the Light Industrial format, the total area of the complex is 11,088 sqm. The complex can be divided into blocks, where each is completely autonomous: it has its own administrative and household premises, its own entrance groups, loading/unloading gates, a system of accounting and management of engineering systems, a gas boiler, energy resource limits, parking spaces.

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