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Share of transactions with IT companies is growing

31 May 2016, 17:40
In April 2016, consultants at Maris | Part of the CBRE Affiliate Network completed 3 office transactions with IT companies, the gross area of which amounts to 1 440 sq m.

Among them: 266 sq m for rent in the business center IT Park, 624 sq m in the office center ”Fidel” and 550 sq m in “Pentakon”. The main reason companies relocate is that they want to improve office space and create more comfortable working conditions. When selecting areas, the consultants of Maris do not only consider clients’ technical requirements but also the possibility of their further expansion. 

For the first 5 months of 2016, the share of office transaction with IT companies in St. Petersburg amounted to 27%. To put this in perspective – deals in the IT field in 2015 amounted to 16.3%.  

 ”Development of this segment, - according to Alena Berdigan, Head of Office Agency at Maris | Part of the CBRE Affiliate Network, is connected with the extensive use of information technology in everyday life and the need for automation of many business processes. This is one of few market segments, where the ruble devaluation has played a positive role and become a kind of catalyst for development. Russian IT companies have improved their competitiveness in the international arena due to the price reduction, and exports thereby increased. We are seeing a development trend in the IT sector and can confidently say that the information technology sphere has the second largest office transaction volume after the oil and gas sector”.  

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