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Officenext going to St. Petersburg again!

3 October 2022, 12:00
We invite you to take part in the session, which will be held by Maris as part of the Business&Design Dialogue forum organized by OfficeNext.

Who is invited? Heads of companies, financial and administrative directors, heads of HR and IT departments, tenants, developers, owners of office buildings, as well as representatives of architectural and design bureaus, construction, engineering and management companies visit the forum Business & Design Dialogue in St. Petersburg.

The forum will be held on October 13 at Design District DAA. You will be able to discuss offices during turbulence (trends and new opportunities) in the conference format, to evaluate the novelties of design, technology and equipment in the format of the exhibition and to see the awarding of the best office projects of St. Petersburg in the format of the award.

We invite you to take part in the session of Maris within the framework of the Business&Design Dialogue forum organized by OfficeNext.

Discussion: «To build or not to build: Business Center of St. Petersburg in the present and in the future»

This time we want to discuss the construction and reconstruction of office buildings in the current situation:

1. Is it worth starting to build a high-quality office project today?
2. If the construction already begun, then how to complete the construction in the conditions of the changed logistics of the supply of construction materials and engineering equipment?
3. Are there already successful examples of import substitution during the construction of a business centers?
4. New ideas for attracting tenants?

Members: owners of buildings that were or are in the process of construction in 2022.

• Inna Filippova, Head of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Division of coworking network SOK
• Sergey Filin, director of the coworking network SMART
• Evgeny Teslya, EST GROUP CEO.
• Evgeny Gurkovich, Managing Director of the business center business network Kondratyevski Cvartal zone
• Denis Rybin, Head of the rental department of Morskaya Stolitca, Business Box and Sinop business centers

Other members: Raven Russia, BTK, Sun Gally Park business center, Graffiti business center.

Session Moderator: Boris Moshensky, CEO of Maris

We are waiting for everyone on October 13 from 16.15 to 17.45

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