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New resident at Nevsky 68

28 November 2022, 13:15
The deal on the lease of premises with total area of 480 sqm at Nevsky 68 business center was supported by Maris. New tenant is a company of the oil and gas industry.

«The tenant chose this object due to the readiness of the premises for use immediately after signing the lease agreement and comfortable location», - Nelly Aleinikova Head of Corporate Services Department of the company comments on the deal.

Nevsky, 68 is class А+ business center in the heart of St Petreburg, 6 floors of offices with a view of Nevsky Prospect and Fontanka River. The first floor is equipped with large display windows. Office center on Nevsky, 68 was renovated by the Group in 2015. A combination of historical look and innovative interior is provided thanks to the best engineering decisions. The house belongs to the examples of Soviet neoclassicism and is an integral part of the "postcard" of St. Petersburg landscape.

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