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New office for medical center

14 November 2022, 14:39
Medical Clinic has signed a lease agreement with Shvedsky 2 business center for office space with total area of 380 sqm. The broker of the transaction - Maris.

New tenant of business center– federal medical clinic for the treatment of the spine.

Julia Vorobyeva, senior consultant of Global Corporate Services and Sales Department, comments on the transaction: « The client planned to open a section of the clinic in St. Petersburg. Premises on Shvedsky 2 became the best offer, taking into account location, layout and readiness to accept a tenant in the field of medical services».

Shvedsky 2 is a class B+ business center well located and high-tech equipped. Windows overlook the central streets of St. Petersburg and a walking zone between Malaya and Bolshaya Konyushennaya streets. The building was renovated in 1999 surrounded by cultural heritage sites, but, at the same time, it has a sufficiently developed infrastructure. On its territory there are cafe, restaurant and beauty salon.

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